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Under-25 experiencing housing concerns

Citizens Advice has said more help for housing is being looked for by under 25’s.
In the year to the end of March there has been a large amount of problems from young adults that the charity has dealt with, up to 700, 000. This is comparable to the amount of problems the charity dealt with the previous year.
However the concern of young adults renting a home has increased significantly. It has been found by a survey that young adults had more tension and felt more pressured than their older colleagues.
In the last financial year enquires that were given to citizens advice about private rented property ascended to 10% which was at a similar level to the previous year.
Furthermore, Gillian Guy (Chief executive of Citizens Advice) is helping young people to stay on top of their bills, pay rent and keep in track of changes to the local services. Gillian Guy also found that few young people don’t know that they can receive financial support such as housing benefit. He also believes that Citizen Advice can help to solves problems, but the quicker the problem is undertaken the better and the more efficient the solution will be.
An increase in enquires to the charity has been shown too led from areas such as tax credits, broad band debts, telephone and pay and entitlements. However despite this increase, there has also been a decrease in the number of number of enquires which fell in the year to the end of March in comparison to the previous year, this was in areas such as overdrafts, store, number of loans and credit.
A survey by GfK NOP Engage noted that in the 1000 people who took part in the survey 40% of them thought that their managers overloaded work to them by using their financial climate, this made them feel stressed and under pressure in carrying out aims at work.

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